The Program

Our preschool/pre-k program lays a strong foundation for any child progressing through the rigorous and rich classical program offered at Immaculata. The preschool and pre-K students in our care thrive in the structured, disciplined yet joyful and animated atmosphere which is the hallmark of our school.

Our experienced preschool teacher leads the children to develop their intellectual and motor skills through an array of excellent programs. We use Sing, Spell, Read and Write to lay a strong foundation to help children develop reading, writing and comprehension skills and an advanced Math program to prepare children for Kindergarten. An array of read-alouds, songs and learning centers enrich the child’s learning experience and a particular strength of our program is the strong religious education our little ones get. To hear our three-year-olds responding in unison to basic catechism questions such as “Who made you? Why did God make you?” fills the heart with joy! Additionally, because Latin plays such a crucial role at Immaculata, the preschoolers are exposed to the language through school prayer and at Mass, in which they participate every week along with the entire student body.
Our preschool/pre-k students join the Kindergarten classroom for music class and handbells where they learn fun and educational songs. Additionally, classical music and disciplines are incorporated in the classroom through the use of the Little Saints Program. We are confident our excellent program and our experienced teacher give our children a strong foundation which prepares them very well not only for our Kindergarten classroom but most importantly for their ultimate goal of Heaven.


3 and 4 year olds


Our full-time schedule offers all our rich curriculum can offer. We highly encourage families first consider enrolling their child in our full-time preschool.

Full-Time: Tuesday through Friday, 8:00am-3:30pm
Part-Time: Tuesday through Friday, 8:00am-12:30pm

2016/17 Tuition

Full-Time: $5,150 (sibling discount does apply also to children in preschool)
Part-Time: $3,000 (sibling discount does not apply for children in our part-time preschool)