Education is not just intellectual formation; it is the formation of the whole person. We invite our students to become saints! 
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A Eucharistic Centered School

Our school community is committed to placing at our center the Eucharist of our Lord. We desire our pupils to become saints and therefore we offer them, inasmuch as possible and with the blessing of our Archbishop, the opportunity to attend Holy Mass weekly and make frequent use of the Sacrament of Penance. Along with Holy Mass and the Sacraments, our school lives the liturgical year with the Church, often commemorating a particular feast day or adjusting our spiritual emphasis during the seasons of the liturgical year.

Marian Devotion

Our school bears the name of the Immaculata, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Following her maternal guide, we too, as the Apostles, wish to “do whatever Christ tells us”. Our children pray an act of consecration to Our Lady together every morning and are encouraged to pray the Rosary daily.

We observe, in some manner, all the feasts of the Blessed Mother and have a May crowning in the spring. We believe Immaculata Classical Academy to be Our Lady’s school and venerate her under the title of Our Lady of Banneux.

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A Spirit of Joy

One quality that distinguishes our school is our penetrating atmosphere of joy. The lives of the saints are filled with joy amidst all the hardships of their individual journeys. We, likewise, who are striving to be saints of the new millennium, also relish in the great beauty, mystery and joy which our Catholic faith brings. We also strive to foster a spirit of unity and Christian camaraderie between our faculty members and administration and also among the students themselves.

Faith in Action

While we encourage our children to practice acts of charity outside the school, we also make time to serve our neighbors together as a school community. We believe this to be an important aspect of cultivating hearts which see Christ in their neighbors. In the past we have visited nearby elderly homes, helped with parish cleanup and offered our voices in song to cheer up those in need of joy during the holiday season. During the Year of Mercy, our upper school students go on a first Friday field trip to serve at various locations throughout our community.