What is the admission process at Immaculata?

All families should visit the school before turning in an application form. We would like to meet you, share with you our school’s mission and culture, and give you a snap shot of a day at Immaculata. No amount of reading of our philosophy can substitute for an in-person visit. 

At the end of your visit, we will ask you to fill out a Visiting Family Sheet (inserted in our admissions packet). This is to help us better understand your educational goals for your children and what attracts you to Immaculata. 

Next, submit your application and required documents. You can drop by the school or mail us the paperwork. After reviewing your application, we will contact you to schedule a student assessment, shadow date, and a parent interview. These assessments and meetings enable us to determine with you what level best suits your child, and whether Immaculata is the right school for your family. We accept a wide range of students and are looking for families who believe in our mission and desire their children to learn in our program. 

Applications received by February 1st are considered in the first round of decisions. Parents are notified of admissions decisions as early as mid-March. 

What is the admission process for my child with special needs?

The admission process is the same, except the interview process may be more extensive and may require additional testing to determine the child’s grade level in key core subjects. As part of our model, our students must be able to spend most of the day in the regular classroom. We have built a schedule that allows for individual flexibility for the student and use one-on-one tutoring sparingly. Accommodations and differentiated instruction are the primary methods we use for our children with special needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need clarification or have any questions.

Is there a limit to the number of children with special needs you can accept?

Yes, while Immaculata is committed to integrating and welcoming all children, we are limited to the number of children with special needs we are able to serve. What this limit is depends primarily on the individual classroom and number of children. We maintain a student ratio of about 15–20% of students with special needs. Every family’s situation is different! Our administrative team and special needs coordinators meet every student on an individual basis and will work with each family to determine the best placement for your child.

When should I apply?

December–January is the ideal time for families to apply. We recommend families with children who have special needs to apply as early as possible, as some grade levels fill up more quickly. We do accept applications during the summer but cannot promise there will still be a spot for your child. If your child is not quite school age, it’s not too early to visit us, sign up for emails and get to know us! We look forward to meeting our future Immaculata Knights!

We work with the Catholic Education Foundation to provide a portion of tuition coverage for families who qualify. This requires families to apply early as the first CEF deadline is the beginning of March. CEF holds a second round of applications but has access to a considerably smaller amount of funding. Families should apply early to be included in the first wave of applications. However, no family should not apply because of financial concerns; we will work with you as much as possible.

Do you offer financial aid?

We are very proud of our excellent curriculum here at Immaculata. We cover a portion of the book expenses each year, but cannot cover them all. The book fee is used to order the books necessary for the entire school year. It is a once per year fee and is applicable to each child, grades K-12. There is also a supply fee for Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten.

What does the book fee cover?

Please let us know! Our school hours are Monday, 10am–2pm, and Tuesday through Friday, 8am–3:30pm. Call 502-365-3545 or email our Administrative Assistant, Karen Ferraro, at kferraro@immaculataclassicalacademy.com

We hope to hear from you soon!

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