Official Catholic Recognition

"It is with great joy that we announce our new status as a Catholic Independent School, recognized in the Archdiocese of Louisville, We have worked very hard for this and are very thankful to our Lady for the accomplishment of this goal, made official on the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God. We have always operated with the blessing of the archbishop and with fidelity to the magisterium, and it is an honor to now be officially united in the Church's effort to educate God's children.

Upcoming Open House Dates

We cordially invite you to attend Immaculata Classical Academy's Open House Events. From 12-3pm, located in the old St. Barnabas School at 3044 Hikes Lane in Louisville. At 1:30pm there will be an informational session about the school's history, mission and philosophy as well as a presentation by our school choirs. Immaculata Classical Academy is a PreS-12 private school with a rigorous classical curriculum dedicated to serving all children, including those with special needs, in an equal learning environment. For more information, please call 365-3545.Upcoming Open House Dates: November 8th, January 31st and March 13th.

Immaculata Students will be atteding the 2016 March for Life

We are very proud of our students for standing up for life and Catholic values!

We are also delighted to share an overview of their experiences in 2015!



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